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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A first convergent synthesis of the polyolic fragment of the antifungal pentaene macrolide strevertene A 1-gen-2008 Bonini, Carlo Cesare; Chiummiento, Lucia; Funicello, Maria; Lupattelli, Paolo; Videtta, V.
A Highly regio- and stereoselective C5 oxyfunctionalization of coprostane steroids by dioxiranes: an improved acces to progestogen and androgen hormones 1-gen-1992 Bovicelli, P; Gambacorta, A; Lupattelli, Paolo; Mincione, E.
An efficient oxyfunctionalisation by Dimethyldioxirane of the benzylethereal carbon of flavonoids; a general and useful way to anthocyanidins 1-gen-1997 Bernini, R; Mincione, E; Sanetti, A; Bovicelli, P; Lupattelli, Paolo
Anti Ethyl beta-thienyl-beta-amino-alfa-hydroxy propionate: A regio and stereoselective ring opening of trans ethyl 2-thienyl-glycidate 1-gen-2003 SOLLADIE' CAVALLO, A; Lupattelli, Paolo; Bonini, Carlo Cesare; DE BONIS, M.
Asymmetric Oxidation of Silyl Enol Ethers Using Chiral Dioxiranes derived from α-Fluoro Cyclohexanones 1-gen-2003 SOLLADIE' CAVALLO, A; Lupattelli, Paolo; Jierry, L; Bovicelli, P; Angeli, F; Antonioletti, R.
Azide cyclizations with acetylenic silyl ketone: a general access to functionalized 1,2,3-triazolylacylsilanes and aldehydes 1-gen-1995 Degl'Innocenti, Alessandro; Scafato, Patrizia; A., Capperucci; L., Bartoletti; A., Mordini; G., Reginato
Bis-(trifluoroacetoxy)iodobenzene - iodine system: an efficient and selective reagent for iodination of thiophene derivatives 1-gen-1995 D'Auria, Maurizio; Mauriello, Giacomo
Conformational Studies by Dynamic NMR. Part 36. The Steric Barrier and the -Barrier to Rotation in Simple Enamines: Diethylaminocyclohexenes. 1-gen-1988 J. E., Anderson; Casarini, Daniele; L., Lunazzi
Conformational Studies by Dynamic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Part 29.Interchange of Symmetry between the Ground and Excited Rotational States of the Isomeric N,N-Diisopropylnaphthylamines. 1-gen-1984 Casarini, Daniele; L., Lunazzi; D., Macciantelli
A Convergent Preparation of the C1-C13 Fragment of Amphotericin B from a Single Chiral Precursor 1-gen-2004 Bonini, Carlo Cesare; Chiummiento, Lucia; Martuscelli, A; Viggiani, L.
Desymmetrisation of meso-methylcyclooctanones. Highly Enantioselective Synthesis of C8 syn-Isoprenoid and syn,syn-Deoxypropionate Subunits from a Bicyclo[3.3.1]nonane Precursor 1-gen-2002 Gambacorta, A; Tofani, D; Lupattelli, Paolo; Tafi, A.
Diastereoselectivity in the Paternò-Büchi reaction on furan derivatives 1-gen-2004 D'Auria, Maurizio; Emanuele, L.; Racioppi, Rocco
Efficient desymmetrization of 1,2 and 1,3 diols by dimethyldioxirane 1-gen-1995 Bovicelli, P; Lupattelli, Paolo; Sanetti, A; Mincione, E.
Efficient synthesis of 5-nitro-benzo[b]furans via 2-bromo-4-nitrophenyl acetates 1-gen-2010 Bochicchio, Antonella; Chiummiento, Lucia; Funicello, Maria; Lopardo, M. T.; Lupattelli, Paolo
Electrophilic substitutions and HOMOs in azines and purines. 1-gen-2005 D'Auria, Maurizio
Enantiopure p,p’-Disubstituted 1,2-Diphenylethane-1,2-diols as Chiral Inducers in the Ti-mediated Oxidation of Sulfides: a Case of Reversal of Asymmetric Induction by Fluorine Substitution 1-gen-1998 Superchi, Stefano; Donnoli, M. I.; Rosini, Carlo
First controlled asymmetric dihydroxylation of thiophene acrylates 1-gen-2002 Bonini, Carlo Cesare; D'Auria, Maurizio; Fedeli, P.
First Enantioselective Synthesis of (-)-Seiridin, the Major Phytotoxic Metabolite of Seiridium Species Pathogenic for Cypress 1-gen-1995 Bonini, Carlo Cesare; Chiummiento, Lucia; Evidente, A; Funicello, Maria
A General Protocol for the Regio High Yielding Opening of Different Glycidol Derivatives 1-gen-2003 Bonini, Carlo Cesare; Chiummiento, Lucia; Lopardo, M. T.; Pullez, M.; Colobert, F.; Solladie', G.
Improved procedure for 3,4-dihydro-1(H)-2-benzopyran ring closure. A general access to 3-substituted isochromans 1-gen-1998 Antonioletti, R; Bovicelli, P; Crescenzi, B; Lupattelli, Paolo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 50
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