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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Deciphering morphological changes in a sinuous river system by higher-order velocity moments 1-gen-2020 Taye, J.; Barman, J.; Kumar, B.; Oliveto, G.
Detection of Eight Cannabinoids and One Tracer in Wastewater and River Water by SPE-UPLC–ESI-MS/MS 1-gen-2022 Milan, S.; Lelario, F.; Scrano, L.; Ottati, C.; Bufo, S. A.; Alpendurada, M. F.
Development of Pleistocene Fluvial Terraces on the Eastern Frontal Sector of the Southern Apennines Chain, Italy 1-gen-2019 Giannandrea, Paolo; Giano, Salvatore Ivo; Sulpizio, Roberto
Estimation of scour propagation rates around pipelines while considering simultaneous effects of waves and currents conditions 1-gen-2022 Najafzadeh, Mohammad; Oliveto, Giuseppe; Saberi-Movahed, Farshad
Fluvial Geomorphology and River Management 1-gen-2021 Giano, Salvatore Ivo
Forecasting of Rainfall across River Basins Using Soft Computing Techniques: The Case Study of the Upper Brahmani Basin (India) 1-gen-2023 Uma Maheswar Rao, M.; Charan Patra, Kanhu; Kumar Sasmal, Suvendu; Sharma, Anurag; Oliveto, Giuseppe
Geomatics-Based Modeling and Hydrochemical Analysis for Groundwater Quality Mapping in the Egyptian Western Desert: A Case Study of El-Dakhla Oasis 1-gen-2022 Megahed, Hanaa A.; Gaballah, Hossam M.; Abdelrahman, Mohamed A. E.; D’Antonio, Paola; Scopa, Antonio; Darwish, Mahmoud H.
Groundwater Quality Assessment Using Multi-Criteria GIS Modeling in Drylands: A Case Study at El-Farafra Oasis, Egyptian Western Desert 1-gen-2023 Megahed, Hanaa A.; Gaballah, Hossam M.; Ramadan, Rasha H.; Abdelrahman, Mohamed A. E.; D’Antonio, Paola; Scopa, Antonio; Darwish, Mahmoud H.
Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment in the Metaponto Coastal Plain (Basilicata, Italy) 1-gen-2022 Canora, Filomena; Muzzillo, Rosalba; Sdao, Francesco
Groundwater Vulnerability to Pollution Assessment 1-gen-2021 Sdao, Francesco; Canora, Filomena
Groundwater Vulnerability to Pollution Assessment 1-gen-2022 Canora, Filomena; Sdao, Francesco
Hierarchical classification of groundwater pollution risk of contaminated sites using fuzzy logic: A case study in the Basilicata region (Italy) 1-gen-2015 Caniani, Donatella; Lioi, DONATA SERAFINA; Mancini, Ignazio Marcello; Masi, Salvatore
How does PTF interpret soil heterogeneity? A stochastic approach applied to a case study on maize in Northern Italy 1-gen-2019 Basile, A.; Bonfante, A.; Coppola, A.; Mascellis, R. D.; Bolognesi, S. F.; Terribile, Fabio; Manna, P.
Identifying optimal irrigation water needs at district scale by using a physically based agro-hydrological model 1-gen-2019 Coppola, A.; Dragonetti, G.; Sengouga, A.; Lamaddalena, N.; Comegna, A.; Basile, A.; Noviello, N.; Nardella, L.
The impact of climate on hydrological extremes 1-gen-2018 Manfreda, Salvatore; Iacobellis, Vito; Gioia, Andrea; Fiorentino, Mauro; Kochanek, Krzysztof
An Integrated Approach to Evaluating Crop Water Requirements and Irrigation Schedule for Optimizing Furrow Irrigation Design Parameters in Kurnool District, India 1-gen-2023 Kumar Shaw, Souvick; Sharma, Anurag; Kumar Khatua, Kishanjit; Oliveto, Giuseppe
An integrative information aqueduct to close the gaps between satellite observation ofwater cycle and local sustainable management of water resources 1-gen-2020 Su, Z.; Zeng, Y.; Romano, N.; Manfreda, S.; Frances, F.; Ben Dor, E.; Szabo, B.; Vico, G.; Nasta, P.; Zhuang, R.; Francos, N.; Meszaros, J.; Dal Sasso, S. F.; Bassiouni, M.; Zhang, L.; Rwasoka, D. T.; Retsios, B.; Yu, L.; Blatchford, M. L.; Mannaerts, C.
Large scale flood risk mapping in data scarce environments: An application for Romania 1-gen-2020 Albano, R.; Samela, C.; Craciun, I.; Manfreda, S.; Adamowski, J.; Sole, A.; Sivertun, A.; Ozunu, A.
Long-Term Management Policies of Reservoirs: Possible Re-Use of Dredged Sediments for Coastal Nourishment 1-gen-2019 De Vincenzo, Annamaria; Covelli, Carmine; Molino, Antonio; Pannone, Marilena; Ciccaglione, Margherita; Molino, Bruno
Longitudinal dispersion in straight open channels: Anomalous breakthrough curves and first-order analytical solution for the depth-averaged concentration 1-gen-2018 Pannone, Marilena; Mirauda, Domenica; De Vincenzo, Annamaria; Molino, Bruno
Mostrati risultati da 7 a 26 di 48
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