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Emissivity Based Indices for Drought and Forest Fire 1-gen-2021 Masiello, Guido; Serio, Carmine; Venafra, Sara; Cersosimo, Angela; Mastro, Pietro; Falabella, Francesco; Pasquariello, Pamela
Assessment of air quality with TROPOMI during COVID-19 pandemic: NO2 over the Po valley 1-gen-2021 Masiello, Guido; Cersosimo, Angela; Falabella, Francesco; Mastro, Pietro; Pasquariello, Pamela; Serio, Carmine; Venafra, Sara
A Multigrid InSAR Technique for Joint Analyses at Single-Look and Multi-Look Scales 1-gen-2021 Falabella, F.; Serio, C.; Masiello, G.; Zhao, Q.; Pepe, A.
Methane profiling retrieval from IASI: a deep learning inversion approach based on feed-forward neural networks 1-gen-2022 Masiello, G.; Mastro, P.; Serio, C.; Falabella, F.; Pasquariello, P.
Exploiting the IASI profiling capability for surface parameters, atmospheric temperature, and water vapour to design emissivity contrast and water deficit indexes to monitor forests' response to droughts and heatwaves 1-gen-2022 Serio, C.; Masiello, G.; Pasquariello, P.; Defeis, I.; Mastro, P.; Falabella, F.; Cersosimo, A.; Venafra, S.; Pepe, A.
Spaceborne and Terrestrial Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Systems: Innovative Multi-temporal SAR Interferometric Methods and Applications 9-gen-2023 Falabella, Francesco
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