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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A model for assessing the systemic vulnerability in landslide prone areas 1-gen-2010 Pascale, Stefania; Sdao, Francesco; Sole, Aurelia
A study on the Abruzzo 6 April 2009 earthquake by applying the RST approach to 15 years of AVHRR TIR observations 1-gen-2010 Lisi, Mariano; C., Filizzola; Genzano, Nicola; C. S. L., Grimaldi; T., Lacava; F., Marchese; G., Mazzeo; N., Pergola; Tramutoli, Valerio
An improved RST approach for timely alert and Near Real Time monitoring of oil spill disasters by using AVHRR data 1-gen-2011 C. S. L., Grimaldi; D., Casciello; Coviello, Irina; T., Lacava; N., Pergola; Tramutoli, Valerio
Assessment methodology for the prediction of landslide dam hazard 1-gen-2014 S. F., Dal Sasso; Sole, Aurelia; S., Pascale; Sdao, Francesco; A., Bateman Pinzòn; V., Medina
Earthquakes and depleted gas reservoirs: Which comes first? 1-gen-2015 Mucciarelli, Marco; Donda, F.; Valensise, G.
Flood quantiles estimation based on theoretically derived distributions: regional analysis in Southern Italy 1-gen-2011 V., Iacobellis; A., Gioia; Manfreda, Salvatore; Fiorentino, Mauro
Influences of Leaf Area Index estimations on the soil water balance predictions in Mediterranean regions 1-gen-2009 Gigante, V; Milella, P; Iacobellis, V; Manfreda, Salvatore; Portoghese, I.
An integrated approach for the evaluation of technological hazard impacts on air quality: the case of the Val d'Agri oil/gas plant 1-gen-2014 Calvello, Mariarosaria; Esposito, Francesco; S., Trippetta
Landslide susceptibility assessment by using a neuro-fuzzy model: a case study in the Rupestrian heritage rich area of Matera 1-gen-2013 Sdao, Francesco; Lioi, DONATA SERAFINA; Pascale, Stefania; Caniani, Donatella; Mancini, Ignazio Marcello
Monitoring Soil Wetness variations by means of satellite passive microwave observations: the HYDROPTIMET study cases 1-gen-2005 Lacava, T; Greco, Michele; DI LEO E., V; Martino, Giovanni; Pergola, N; Romano, F; Sannazzaro, F; Tramutoli, Valerio
READY: a web-based geographical information system for enhanced flood resilience through raising awareness in citizens 1-gen-2015 Albano, Raffaele; Sole, Aurelia; J., Adamowski
RST analysis of MSG-SEVIRI TIR radiances at the time of the Abruzzo 6 April 2009 earthquake 1-gen-2009 Genzano, Nicola; C., Aliano; Corrado, Rosita; C., Filizzola; Lisi, Mariano; G., Mazzeo; Paciello, Rossana; N., Pergola; Tramutoli, Valerio
Runoff Generation Dynamics within a Humid River Basin 1-gen-2008 Manfreda, Salvatore
Seismically active areas monitoring by robust TIR satellite techniques: a sensitivity analysis on low magnitude earthquakes occurred in Greece and Turkey since 1995. 1-gen-2005 Corrado, Rosita; Caputo, R.; Filizzola, C.; Pergola, N.; Pietrapertosa, C.; Tramutoli, Valerio
Using RST approach and EOS-MODIS radiances for monitoring seismically active regions: a study on the 6 April 2009 Abruzzo earthquake 1-gen-2010 N., Pergola; C., Aliano; Coviello, Irina; C., Filizzola; Genzano, Nicola; T., Lacava; Lisi, Mariano; G., Mazzeo; Tramutoli, Valerio
The Verdesca landslide in the Agri Valley (Basilicata, Southern Italy): a new geological and geomorphological framework. 1-gen-2015 Gueguen, Erwan; Bentivenga, Mario; Colaiacovo, Rosy; Margiotta, Salvatore; Summa, Vito; Andadurno, Ivana
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 16 di 16
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