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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Application of novel composite materials as sediment capping agents: Column experiments and modelling 1-gen-2019 Zamparas, M.; Kyriakopoulos, G. L.; Kapsalis, V. C.; Drosos, M.; Kalavrouziotis, I. K.
Diazepam stability in wastewater and removal by advanced membranes technology, activated carbon and micelle- clay complex 1-gen-2016 S., Sulaiman; M., Khamis; S., Nir; Scrano, Laura; Bufo, Sabino Aurelio; Rafik, Karaman
Removal of Chlorpyrifos using micelle clay complex and advanced treatment technology 1-gen-2016 Qurie, Mohannad; Khamis, Mustafa; Ayyad, Ibrahim; Scrano, Laura; Lelario, Filomena; Bufo, Sabino Aurelio; Mecca, Gennaro; Karaman, Rafik
Removal of imidacloprid from polluted water using adsorption and membrane separation technologies 1-gen-2021 Qurie, M.; Alkhatib, M.; Bufo, S. A.; Scrano, L.; Khamis, M.; Ayyad, I.; Karaman, R.
Sorption of phosphate from innovative composite material focusing on physicochemical interactions 1-gen-2019 Zamparas, M.; Drosos, M.; Kalavrouziotis, I. K.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 5 di 5
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