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Group 3 metal compounds and use thereof in the treatment of solid tumors. 1-gen-2016 Longo, Pasquale; Saturnino, Carmela; Arra, Claudio; Palma, Giuseppe; Caporale, Angelamaria; Mariconda, Annaluisa; Stefania Sinicropi, Maria; Puoci, Francesco
A group of generalized finitary automorphisms of an abelian group 1-gen-2017 U., Dardano; Rinauro, Silvana
Group-theoretic characterizations of classical ovoids 1-gen-2001 Cossidente, Antonio; O. H., King
Groups in which each subgroup is commensurable with a normal subgroup 1-gen-2018 Casolo, Carlo; Dardano, Ulderico; Rinauro, Silvana
Groups with finiteness conditions on the lower central series of subgroups 1-gen-2013 Rinauro, Silvana
Growing anticlines beneath Catania from the distal motion of mount Etna's decollement measured by SAR interferometry and GPS 1-gen-2000 A., Borgia; R., Lanari; E., Sansosti; Tesauro, Manlio; P., Berardino; G., Fornaro; M., Neri; J. B., Murray
Growing of moulds on interior surface by vertical duct in dwelling 1-gen-2010 Marino, Francesco Paolo Rosario
Growing sustainable behaviors in local communities through smart monitoring systems for energy efficiency: RENERGY outcomes 1-gen-2014 Scorza, Francesco; Attolico, Alessandro; Moretti, Vincenzo; Smaldone, Rosalia; Donofrio, Domenico; Laguardia, Giuseppe
GrowScreen-PaGe, a non-invasive, high-throughput phenotyping system based on germination paper to quantify crop phenotypic diversity and plasticity of root traits under varying nutrient supply 1-gen-2017 Gioia, Tania; Galinski, Anna; Lenz, Henning; Müller, Carmen; Lentz, Jonas; Heinz, Kathrin; Briese, Christoph; Putz, Alexander; Fiorani, Fabio; Watt, Michelle; Schurr, Ulrich; Nagel, Kerstin A.
Growth analysis and sugar yield of sweet sorghum under different irrigation regimes 1-gen-1992 E., Tarantino; Perniola, Michele; F., Quaglietta; Rivelli, Anna Rita
Growth analysis and yield of durum wheat under different irrigation regimes 1-gen-1990 Perniola, Michele; DE FRANCHI, Antonio Sergio; Tarantino, E.
Growth and Allocation of Woody Biomass in Forest Trees Based on Environmental Conditions 1-gen-2021 Collalti, Alessio; Todaro, Luigi; Rita, Angelo
Growth and bacteriocin production by Enterococcus faecium DPC1146 in batch and continuous culture. 1-gen-1997 Parente, Eugenio; Brienza, C.; Ricciardi, Annamaria; Addario, G.
Growth and Characterization of Films Containing Fullerenes and Water Soluble Porphyrins for Solar Energy Conversion Applications 1-gen-2007 Sgobba, V.; Giancane, G.; Conoci, S.; Casilli, S.; Ricciardi, Giampaolo; Guldi, D. M.; Prato, M.; Valli, L.
Growth and heat resistance of Staphylococcus aureus in goats' milk 1-gen-1991 Parente, Eugenio; Mazzatura, A.
Growth and mineral uptake in micropropagated myrobolan 29c plants inoculated with mycorrhizas and bio-control microorganisms 1-gen-2012 I., Tsvetkov; T., Dzhambazova; R., Batchvarova; E., Markov; S., Efstratios; Tataranni, Giuseppe; Montanaro, Giuseppe; Xiloyannis, Cristos
Growth and physiological response of hydroponically-grown sunflower as affected by salinity and magnesium levels 1-gen-2010 Rivelli, Anna Rita; DE MARIA, Susanna; Pizza, S.; Gherbin, Piergiorgio
Growth and phytoremediation capacity of sunflower grown on soil contaminated with cadmium 1-gen-2011 Rivelli, Anna Rita; DE MARIA, Susanna; Gherbin, Piergiorgio; Mercurio, Giuseppe
Growth and Thermal Stress of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Cultures Exposed to 2.45 GHz Electromagnetic Field 1-gen-2005 B., Bisceglia; M. C., Bruno; F., Chiadini; G., Donsi; G., Ferrari; Fiumara, Vincenzo; A., Scaglione
Growth and yield in irrigated and non-irrigated olive trees cultivar Coratina over four years after planting 1-gen-1997 Nuzzo, Vitale; Xiloyannis, Cristos; Dichio, Bartolomeo; Montanaro, Giuseppe; Celano, Giuseppe
Mostrati risultati da 12.247 a 12.266 di 33.902
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