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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Scour Propagation Rates around Offshore Pipelines Exposed to Currents by Applying Data-Driven Models 1-gen-2022 Najafzadeh, Mohammad; Oliveto, Giuseppe
Seawater Intrusion Proneness and Geophysical Investigations in the Metaponto Coastal Plain (Basilicata, Italy). 1-gen-2021 Muzzillo, R.; Zuffianò, L. E.; Rizzo, E.; Canora, F.; Capozzoli, L.; Giampaolo, V.; De Giorgio, G.; Sdao, F.; Polemio, M.
Selection of theoretical flood frequency distributions based on different runoff generation mechanisms 1-gen-2010 Iacobellis, V.; Fiorentino, Mauro; A., Gioia; Manfreda, Salvatore
Simplified entropic model for the evaluation of suspended load concentration 1-gen-2018 Mirauda, Domenica; De Vincenzo, Annamaria; Pannone, Marilena
Smoothed particle hydrodynamics modeling with advanced boundary conditions for two-dimensional dam-break floods 1-gen-2020 Mirauda, D.; Albano, R.; Sole, A.; Adamowski, J.
SPH modeling of water-related natural hazards 1-gen-2019 Manenti, S.; Wang, D.; Dominguez, J. M.; Li, S.; Amicarelli, A.; Albano, R.
The Subsurface Geology and Landscape Evolution of the Volturno Coastal Plain, Italy: Interplay between Tectonics and Sea-Level Changes during the Quaternary 1-gen-2020 Corrado, G.; Amodio, S.; Aucelli, P. P. C.; Pappone, G.; Schiattarella, M.
A theoretical study about ergodicity issues in predicting contaminant plume evolution in aquifers 1-gen-2020 Pannone, M.
Towards A New Decision Support System for Design, Management and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gases Emission 1-gen-2015 Caniani, Donatella; Giovanni, Esposito; Riccardo, Gori; Giorgio, Mannina
Transfer Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks for Rainfall Detection in Single Images 1-gen-2021 Notarangelo, Nicla Maria; Hirano, Kohin; Albano, Raffaele; Sole, Aurelia
Turbulent Flow Structure in Developing and Fully-Developed Flows under the Impact of Downward Seepage 1-gen-2022 Sharma, Anurag; Kumar, Bimlesh; Oliveto, Giuseppe
Mostrati risultati da 27 a 37 di 37
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