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PRE-EARTHQUAKES , an FP7 Project for integrating observations and knowledges on earthquake precursors : preliminary results and strategy 1-gen-2012 Tramutoli, Valerio; Inan, S.; Jakowski, N.; Pulinets, S. A.; Romanov, A.; Filizzola, Carolina; Shagimuratov, I.; Pergola, Nicola; Genzano, Nicola; Serio, Carmine; Lisi, Mariano; Corrado, Rosita; Grimaldi, C. S. L.; Faruolo, Mariarosaria; Petracca, R.; Ergintav, E.; Cakir, Z.; Alparslan, E.; Gurol, S.; Hoque, M.; Missling, K.; Wilken, V.; Borries, C.; Kalilnin, Y.; Tsybulia, K.; Ginzburg, E.; Pokhunkov, A.; Pustivalova, L.; Romanov, A.; Cherny, I.; Trusov, S.; Adjalova, A.; Ermolaev, D.; Bobrovsky, S.; Paciello, Rossana; Coviello, Irina; Falconieri, Alfredo; Zakharenkova, I.; Cherniak, Y.; Radievsky, A.; Lapenna, Vincenzo; Balasco, Marianna; Piscitelli, Sabatino; Lacava, Teodosio; Mazzeo, Giuseppe
Implementation of a Robust Satellite Technique (RST ASH) On Msg-Seviri Data for timely detection and near real- time monitoring of volcanic ash clouds from space 1-gen-2013 F., Marchese; Tramutoli, Valerio; N., Pergola; C., Filizzola; Falconieri, Alfredo
Rapid flooded area detection by applying Robust Satellite Techniques on different geostationary data 1-gen-2013 T., Lacava; Ciancia, Emanuele; Coviello, Irina; Falconieri, Alfredo; M., Faruolo; C., Filizzola; Paciello, Rossana; N., Pergola; Tramutoli, Valerio
Thermal Monitoring of Eyjafjöll Volcano Eruptions by Means of Infrared MODIS Data 1-gen-2014 T., Lacava; F., Marchese; G., Arcomano; Coviello, Irina; Falconieri, Alfredo; M., Faruolo; N., Pergola; Tramutoli, Valerio
Implementation of the RST (Robust Satellite Techniques) approach on MSG-SEVIRI data: applications for volcanic activity monitoring 1-gen-2014 F., Marchese; Falconieri, Alfredo; C., Filizzola; Paciello, Rossana; N., Pergola; Tramutoli, Valerio
A retrospective analysis of the Shinmoedake (Japan) eruption of 26–27 January 2011 by means of Japanese geostationary satellite data 1-gen-2014 F., Marchese; Falconieri, Alfredo; N., Pergola; Tramutoli, Valerio
Issues and Possible Improvements in Winter Fires Detection by Satellite Radiances Analysis: Lesson Learned in Two Regions of Northern Italy 1-gen-2017 Marchese, Francesco; Mazzeo, Giuseppe; Filizzola, Carolina; Coviello, Irina; Falconieri, Alfredo; Lacava, Teodosio; Paciello, Rossana; Pergola, Nicola; Tramutoli, Valerio
An Enhanced Satellite-Based Algorithm for Detecting and Tracking Dust Outbreaks by Means of SEVIRI Data 1-gen-2017 Marchese, Francesco; Sannazzaro, Filomena; Falconieri, Alfredo; Filizzola, Carolina; Pergola, Nicola; Tramutoli, Valerio
On the use of temporal vegetation indices in support of eligibility controls for EU aids in agriculture 1-gen-2017 Filizzola, Carolina; Corrado, Rosita; Falconieri, Alfredo; Faruolo, Mariapia; Genzano, Nicola; Lisi, Mariano; Mazzeo, Giuseppe; Paciello, Rossana; Pergola, Nicola; Tramutoli, Valerio
Comparing two independent satellite-based algorithms for detecting and tracking ash clouds by using SEVIRI sensor 1-gen-2018 Falconieri, Alfredo; Cooke, Michael C.; Filizzola, Carolina; Marchese, Francesco; Pergola, Nicola; Tramutoli, Valerio
Monitoring the Agung (Indonesia) ash plume of November 2017 by means of infrared Himawari 8 data 1-gen-2018 Marchese, F.; Falconieri, A.; Pergola, N.; Tramutoli, V.
Tropospheric and ionospheric anomalies induced by volcanic and saharan dust events as part of geosphere interaction phenomena 1-gen-2019 Tramutoli, V.; Marchese, F.; Falconieri, A.; Filizzola, C.; Genzano, N.; Hattori, K.; Lisi, M.; Liu, J. -Y.; Ouzounov, D.; Parrot, M.; Pergola, N.; Pulinets, S.
A multi-channel algorithm for mapping volcanic thermal anomalies by means of sentinel-2 MSI and Landsat-8 OLI data 1-gen-2019 Marchese, F.; Genzano, N.; Neri, M.; Falconieri, A.; Mazzeo, G.; Pergola, N.
A Multi-Channel Algorithm for Mapping Volcanic Thermal Anomalies by Means of Sentinel-2 MSI and Landsat-8 OLI Data 1-gen-2019 Marchese, Francesco; Genzano, Nicola; Neri, Marco; Falconieri, Alfredo; Mazzeo, Giuseppe; Pergola, Nicola
Validation of ash/dust detections from SEVIRI data using ACTRIS/EARLINET ground-based LIDAR measurements 1-gen-2020 Falconieri, A.; Papagiannopoulos, N.; Marchese, F.; Filizzola, C.; Trippetta, S.; Pergola, N.; Pappalardo, G.; Tramutoli, V.; Mona, L.
Mt. Etna Paroxysms of February–April 2021 Monitored and Quantified through a Multi-Platform Satellite Observing System 1-gen-2021 Marchese, Francesco; Filizzola, Carolina; Lacava, Teodosio; Falconieri, Alfredo; Faruolo, Mariapia; Genzano, Nicola; Mazzeo, Giuseppe; Pietrapertosa, Carla; Pergola, Nicola; Tramutoli, Valerio; Neri, Marco
A Daytime Multisensor Satellite System for Global Gas Flaring Monitoring 1-gen-2022 Faruolo, M; Falconieri, A; Genzano, N; Lacava, T; Marchese, F; Pergola, N
Mapping and characterizing the Kilauea (Hawai'i) lava lake through Sentinel-2 MSI and Landsat-8 OLI observations of December 2020-February 2021 1-gen-2022 Marchese, F; Genzano, N; Nolde, M; Falconieri, A; Pergola, N; Plank, S
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