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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
3-Nets realizing a diassociative loop in a projective plane 1-gen-2016 Korchmaros, Gabor; Nagy, Gabor P.
42-arcs in PG(2, q) left invariant by PSL(2, 7) 1-gen-2012 Lucia, Indaco; Korchmaros, Gabor
Adjacency matrices of polarity graphs and other C_4-free graphs of large size 1-gen-2010 Abreu, Marien; C., Balbuena; Labbate, Domenico
Amalgams of cubic bipartite graphs 1-gen-2004 Labbate, Domenico
Arcs in AG(2,q) determining few directions 1-gen-2013 M., Giulietti; Korchmaros, Gabor
The automorphism group of plane algebraic curves with Singer automorphisms 1-gen-2006 Cossidente, A.; Siciliano, Alessandro
Complete spans on Hermitian varieties 1-gen-2003 A., Aguglia; Cossidente, Antonio; G. L., Ebert
Coset intersection of irreducible plane cubics 1-gen-2014 Korchmaros, Gabor; N., Pace
Curves in Projective spaces and Almost MDS codes 1-gen-2001 E., Ballico; Cossidente, Antonio
Eggs in finite projective spaces and unitals in translation planes 1-gen-2023 Monzillo, G.; Penttila, T.; Siciliano, A.
The geometry of some two-character sets 1-gen-2008 Cossidente, Antonio; N., Durante; G., Marino; Siciliano, Alessandro; T., Penttila
Hermitian Veronesean Schemes 1-gen-2002 E., Ballico; Cossidente, Antonio
Hyperbolic ovals in finite planes 1-gen-2004 Korchmaros, Gabor; Sonnino, Angelo
Hyperovals of Hermitian polar spaces 1-gen-2012 Cossidente, Antonio; G., Marino
Irreducible pseudo 2-factor isomorphic cubic bipartite graphs 1-gen-2012 Abreu, Marien; Labbate, Domenico; J., Sheehan
Large complete arcs in PG(2,q^3), q odd, left invariant by PGL(2,q) 1-gen-2010 Korchmaros, Gabor; N., Pace
Mixed partitions of projective geometries 1-gen-2000 A., Bonisoli; Cossidente, Antonio
Multiple blocking sets and multisets in Desarguesian planes 1-gen-2010 Aguglia, A; Korchmaros, Gabor
A new family of relative hemisystems on the Hermitian surface 1-gen-2015 Cossidente, Antonio
New infinite families of hyperovals on H(3,q2),q odd 1-gen-2013 Cossidente, Antonio; F., Pavese
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 46
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